Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Need More Organization in My Life

I swear I don’t know how women with children and households to take care of find the time to write. I’m single—and the only children I have are the furry kind—and lately I haven’t been able to write squat. Well that’s not entirely true. I did do an edit on a contracted book. But most of my time as been spent promoting my upcoming release, Journey to Redemption, Sept 15th, and I have been neglecting my WIP’s. I usually only work on one at a time, but the characters in my latest were very persistent so I gave in and started it. The working title is A Familiar Evil. It gets very confusing when you have these little fellows running around in your head, demanding time, and you’re trying to edit and promote other projects. So I’ve come up with a solution that I hope will pacify them. I’m going to spend next week wrapping up my promoting efforts and then I’m taking a week’s vacation—nine whole days—and devoting it entirely to them. I’ve already fallen in love with the characters so I think it will be an easy task to put into motion. I have a good idea of where I want the story to go and they have very strong voices, it’s just finding the time to sit down with them and listening to what they have to tell me.

Now to change the subject, the Authors and Readers of the Yahoo Sweetest Romance Group had a great time yesterday in the Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance. We had close to 1700 views and had a wonderful time chatting with one another and the visitors who dropped by to see us. If you missed it be sure and go check it out. The link is posted below in my last post. Miss Mae snuck off with her flask of her special recipe lemonade but we had a great time anyway and since she was there the majority of the day, we understood. I wonder if she drank it all? MarthaE was the winner of my contest. She’ll be receiving a copy of Every Skull Tells a Story and a download of my new release, Journey to Redemption, once it’s available. Congratulations Martha! I hope you’ll enjoy them. There were other great contests and give-aways as well as a scavenger hunt. Speaking of give-aways, I’m planning a Release Party for Sept 15th, so I hope you’ll check back in the coming weeks for announcements. I should have already had this thing planned, but as I mentioned earlier, there just hasn’t been enough time in the day. I reeeally need to get more organized. I do know I’ll be giving away a free download as part of the main prize, along with some other gifts. The party will probably last a couple of hours—maybe 2-4pm—something like that. Anyway, be sure and check back. Right now I need to get off here and get some much needed house work done. Tonight I’m going out with friends to celebrate birthdays. Hers is today and mine is tomorrow. Again, please go check out our chat at Coffee Time Romance. The authors attending posted blurbs and excerpts of their books and you may still have a chance to win some great prizes.

One last note, for those frequent visitors I've posted a new link on the right that will take you to my Journal of My Travels. This is a Journal that I've kept since 2005 of my mission trips. I debated about adding it to my blog, people say it's risky telling too much about yourself on internet sites, but since these trips are a large part of my Christian testamony I've decided to add it. I've seen first hand God's powerful hands at work in the mission field and not to share those miracles doesn't seem right. I can see your eyes widening--WHAT, A SUSPENSE WRITER WHO WRITES ABOUT MURDER AND MAYHEM IS A MISSIONARY?--YEP!!! Now you know where I get some of my inspiration. Anyway, read and enjoy! My jornal comes from the heart after witnessing things that still bring awe to my soul.


Irene Jacobson said...

Happy Birthday Anne! And congratulations on your new contract.

Ban said...

Oooooo ditto from me !!! I look forward to having a peek at your journal. I went to Haiti once to visit a friend who was teaching at a Christian school down there. It was very eye-opening.

And trust me ... I know what you mean about not having enough time - I've got a 6yr old and a 2yr old so writing pretty much takes a back seat, which is why I never get much done :( They're worth it though and someday, when I have all the time I could possibly need, I'll look back & wish I had my little imp squeezing onto my lap so she can type too ...

Anne Patrick said...

Ban, Haiti is on my list of places of where I'd love to visit. My team sticks mostly to Central America or wherever the needs arise. We truly don't know how very fortunate we are living here in the US. My first trip was a life changing experience I shall never forget.

I'm surprised you find the time to write at all. You're an amazing lady my friend!

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Irene. I'm off to a family dinner now for more celebrating.

Samantha said...

Happy late birthday Anne!

Miss Mae said...

You and me both on needing more time for WIP's. Eeek, can we make a special clock that gives us more hours? LOL

And yep, I keep that flask of special lemonade strapped to mah seat. Nevah know when you might need a swaller! LOL

Thanks for attending the chat at Coffee Time. It was a blast, and a huge success!

kbosch101 said...

Hi Anne, I enjoyed reading from your Travel Journal. It was very facinating--you could almost write a book :-)! Thanks for adding it,


P.S. Happy late Birthday!

Rachel Rossano said...

Congrats of the new contract! I will try to look out for your new release party. :)

Anne Patrick said...

Kris, it's good to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed the journal. They were amazing trips.

Miss Mae, I had a great time at the chat. You did a wonderful job putting it all together. I'm looking forward to our next one.

Rachel, thanks so much for dropping by. I'll have to buzz over to your website and check out your books.

Everyone be sure to come to my release party (still in the planning process) and don't forget your flask Miss Mae.

Danielle Thorne said...

Congrats! You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award. Get the logo and rules at

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