Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Come chat with the authors of Sweet Romance

I'm very late in getting the word out about this but here it is. I hope you will come and join us.


Ban said...

sent in a request :)

Ban said...

Anne, I just read your snippet over on the yahoo site - I am dying to get your book in now ... (the mail was stopped 'cause we're on vacation). What can I say - how about: I've been having trouble reading lately, (this is on an older post of mine) which is an odd thing to say as I've been reading more than I have in a long while - the problem is, as a 'writer' I keep finding myself picking apart the books I'm reading. Stories are few and far between now that don't throw me out for some reason or another - be it wording, grammar, sentence structure ... you get the idea. I got none of that from your exerpt !!! Really looking forward to jumping in :D

Anne Patrick said...

I know what you mean about keeping up with your reading, especially when you're working on a story. Once I get into my writting zone I think of little else so it's impossible for me to read anything until I'm done with the first draft. And by then another story is usually lurking in my head.