Monday, January 5, 2009

I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve. I rang in the new years with friends – watching videos and playing games and then the following day I finished my new book that I started the day after Thanksgiving. It usually takes me much longer, but once my mojo kicked in I was in high gear. And I wanted to get it finished before my trip to Honduras a week from Friday. When I get back I have to start working with my editor on the one that is coming out next fall – Escape from the Darkness. It has been a pain in my backside. It was originally supposed to come out this year but they pushed back the publication and then they asked me to change the title because another publisher has a book coming out in Feb or March with a similar title. Another one of my manuscripts is with another publisher – has been for almost a year now. I heard from them in August and they told me that it was in the hands of the senior editor and to please bear with them. Then last month I heard back from them asking if they could keep it until after the first of the year because they had a new line coming out in January that they were considering it for so we’ll see. It would be awesome if they accepted it that way I would have back to back publication by two different publishers.

My latest book – I’m calling it Reservation for Two – is different than anything I’ve done. And although I’m finished with the first draft it’s been hard to let it go. The characters are still bugging me. It’s basically a love story (I hear you suspense junkies whining out there) that takes place between two people who are on their own quests when their paths cross while on vacation in New Mexico. Both are in their early sixties and have lost the love of their lives and are trying to put the past behind them. It’s one of my more touching stories that has some comedy thrown into the mix along with a spiritual lesson or two. It’s made me laugh and cry so hopefully if it ever gets published it’ll touch someone’s life. That’s my goal of course will all my stories. I not only want to entertain the reader I want them to feel that they’ve benefited by reading it. Maggie, that’s my main character, she’s a real jewel. She’s a brassy and unpredictable grandmother of seven that refuses to act her age. I think she’s my most favorite character that I’ve created. She’s the combination of several women the Lord has placed in my life who have inspired me over the years. I’m having one of these women critique it for me this week. It’ll be interesting to hear what she says. She has no idea that she was one of them that first planted the seed.

Well I’ve yakked long enough. I hope all is well and that you are keeping warm in this blistery weather. I can’t wait to get to Honduras. Though we’ll only be there for ten days it’ll be a nice break from the cold, sleet, and snow. Stay safe and be blessed my friends. Oh and please be sure and keep my team mates and myself in your prayers this month.

P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!